Research Projects

The research profile of the faculty of our college is quite impressive. Many of the faculty members have received research Projects from various funding agencies such as UGC, ICSSR, DST, and TANSCHE. At present 41 faculties have availed Ph.D Guideship and 61 scholars are pursuing research under these faculties.

Sponsored Research Projects 2014-15 to 2017-18
Name of the StaffTitle of the ProjectFunding Agency Amount SanctionedDurationStatusReport
F.Baskaran - EnglishWaste Land: Comic Book for College StudentsUGCRs. 2.00 lakhs2017-2019On-going
Dr.S.Jagadeespandi- EconomicsFarm Level Adapatation to Climate Chamge - A comparitive study in Agro ClimaticZone in TNUGCRs. 2.00 lakhs2017-2019On-goingSummary Report
Dr.K.SenthilKumar- EconomicsA Study on Production and Marketing of Small Onion in TNTANSCHERs. 1.00 lakhs2017-2018Report Submitted
Dr.A.V.P.Karthikeyan-BotanyEnhancement of glucosinulate and its derivatives in the in vitro regenerated plants of Cleome gynandra through fungal elicitorsUGCRs. 15.30 lakhs2015-2018Report SubmittedSummary Report
Dr.S.Sivasankaran- HistoryTracing the Filament of Evolution and Heritage of Devangar Community in TNUGCRs. 1.60 lakhs2015-2017Final Report Submitted
Dr.S.Jagadeespandi- EconomicsDeterminants of Choice and Mode of Rural Non-farm EmploymentM&EA Trust, ChennaiRs. 1.00 lakhs2014-2015Final Report Submitted
Dr.K Balasubramanian - ChemistryHydrogen Bond in Co crystals and PolymorphsDST-Fast TrackRs. 26.79 lakhs 2013-2016On-going
Dr.S.Palanivel - BotanyInvitro mutagenic studies on Ground nut(Arachis hypogaea, Linn) for crop improvementUGCRs. 12.83 lakhs2012-2015Final Report Submitted
Dr.S.Jagadees Pandi-EconomicsImpact of MGNREGA on Rural LivelihoodsICSSRRs. 4.00 lakhs2013-2015Final Report Submitted
Dr.V.Padmanabhan-CommerceA Study on the workers participation in management of private sector sugar mills in TamilnaduRs. 8.05 lakhs2013-2015Final Report Submitted