Maintenance Policy

Policy for Maintenance of Facilities

As per the criterion 4.4.2 in NAAC, the institute adopts standard established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

Laboratory Maintenance

Registers under the headings such as Consumable register, Non-consumable Register, Chemicals and Glassware Register, RUSA register, UGC register and contingency register are maintained for the stock maintenance of equipments. Purchase Committee in every department calls for quotations, purchase the equipments from the least quoted companies and enter them in the stock register. Processing of bills of equipment maintenance is also done by the purchase committee. Stock verification is done at the end of every year by another committee, comprising of teaching staff from other departments, appointed by the principal. After verification, the checking committee produces a report to the principal. The broken articles are reported to the principal by the checking committee. In case of any breakdown/repair the Lab-incharge or Concerned teacher/Staff get the equipment repaired using the fund under the head ‘Maintenance and services’ after the approval by the principal. Research scholars obtain prior permission from the head of the department to utilise the lab equipments and chemicals for their research work. Log book is maintained for operating the advanced costly equipment.

Library Maintenance

The library is continuously updated in terms of latest books, journals and e-contents by the Librarian and Library staff. Librarian or library incharge initiates the requirement and maintenance of the library facilities. He/she calls and verifies the requirement of books and journals, prepares library budget, updates and maintains the digital library setup. She/he also calls for quotations and issue of purchase order for books, journals and other library facilities. Regularly updates the text, reference books, journals, stock checking, etc. Librarian or library incharge is responsible for various aspects of the utilization and maintenance of the physical, academic and support facilities. Stock register and issue register are properly maintained by the library staff.

Maintenance of Sports Facilities

A physical director is responsible for the purchase, utilization and maintenance of the institute’s sports facilities. He is responsible for regular cleaning, curing/watering and maintenance of grounds. He is authorised to purchase new sport equipments and maintain all sport facilities. Stock register is maintained by the physical director.

Maintenance of Infrastructure

All buildings in the college premises, toilets, girls rest room, laboratories are regularly cleaned by the sweepers, scavengers and attenders appointed by principal and funded by Parents Teachers Association. All the rooms are closed after the working hours and keys are kept in the office pigeon hole and locked. Security officer is the incharge of other keys. The water and electric supply to the entire college are taken care of by the contract staff appointed by the principal under parent teacher association fund. The general maintenance of the institute’s infrastructure including the class-rooms, laboratories, building, garden, canteen etc. is done by the public works department committee. Repair works, painting, whitewash, cleaning the toilets etc are done by the committee after getting approval from the principal.

Regular periodical checking is done for maintenance of computers, Printers, Photocopy Machine, Cameras, RO machine, Water coolers/filters, etc.

Maintenance of Computers

The maintenance of computer hardware and software of the institute is carried out regularly. Repairs or spare replacement is done whenever the need arises using the contingency fund after getting approval from the principal.