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Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

About the Department

The department of Nutrition and Dietetics is a newly established department in our institution in the year 2019. Healthy food is the basis to big foundation of wealth and life style. The department holds undergraduate programmes that focus on the entire study of food components and their nutrients, technologies involved to have food free of contamination and long usage. The department ensures the students to work as nutritionist and dieticians who could modify the life style of food intake by the people to ensure health and sound mind with diet. The career converts the science of nutrition and food into health. The programme also ensures the enhancement of skills to face the industrialized society. The nutritionist and dieticians shape the nation by making individuals free from disease with food habits.
To enhance our students with an outstanding multi disciplinary personalities with quality teaching, innovative research to promote and eliminate the disease with food and aid in human health with nutritious diets.
Our mission is to provide strong theoretical and practical foundation with enhanced skill training to complete the society. To cultivate a good quality teaching environment to empower our students to meet the challenges of academic and industrial areas.


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Dr. G. Jahirhussain

Head of the Department (Incharge)

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