Performance of Fine Arts Club

During the NAAC Committee visit in the year 1999-2000 the Fine Arts and Performing Arts Club was started. Choice based Credit system (CBCS) was introduced by Bharathidasan University during the year 2004. At the time the Fine Arts and Performing Arts was introduced as part IV extension activities in our college. From that year onwards the Fine Arts and Performing Arts enrolled Students to Participate in various Programmes in and around the Bharathidasan University Jurisdiction. During the Acadamic Year 2009-2010 the musical Instruments were Purchased for this Club. Every year our students participate and win Medals , Awards in competitions conducted by the University, Colleges and various Government Organizations. During the Academic year 2012-13 the Co-ordinator of Fine Arts and Performing Arts Dr. P.P. Rajan was awarded the Best folk music conducting co-ordinator and best collge among Govt. Arts Colleges in 2017 by the Bharathidasan university, Trichy. The achievements of the students enrolled in the Fine Arts and Performing Arts from 2017 to till now are given below:

Fine Arts Achivements